Where were you at 9am on Wednesday 25th January? Part Two

The City of Como

Thank you to my high school students for their mini compositions. Here they are:

The Setificio High School


At 9am I was at school, I’m at high school at the Setificio. We were nearly at the end of the second lesson when everything began shaking. It was only for a few seconds and it wasn’t very strong, but it was still an earthquake.

At first I felt my chair shaking  and I thought it was my classmate who was shaking it. She thought I was shaking her chair. I was saying “Stop it”  to my friend when I saw the door moving. Then I realised it wasn’t her. My science teacher said almost immediately that it was only a mild earthquake, nothing important, and if it was to happen again we had to sit under our desks or possibly leave the building.

Alessandro Volta High School

During the break I sent a message to my friend who studies at Liceo Alessandro Volta. It’s a really old building in the old walled city. I said     “I’m sure that you were evacuated.”  He replied “Obviously!”

To tell the truth, I didn’t feel scared at all as it was a very short, mild earthquake. I was just disappointed that we didn’t evacuate and get an extra thirty minutes break!


I was at school in my English class when I heard the earthquake. My friend felt the tremors too, so we told the teacher. At first she thought we were inventing an excuse to interrupt the lesson.  Forunately the Head of our school decided to evacuate. Our school is an old building in the centre of the old part of Como. 

There was a bit of confusion outside. I couldn’t find my friend and wanted to go back into school to look for her. Then I saw Ludovica’s mum who was outside the school, looking for Ludovica. I decided to phone my mum to reassure her. 

Eventually we filed back into school and spent the next lesson talking about earthquakes.

I was quite scared as it’s the first time I’ve ever been in a situation like that. I hope it’s the last time!

A photo from the local newspaper of the evacuation of Maria Teresa Ciceri High School


I was in the gym of my school doing P.E. when we heard the earthquake. My school is an old building in the centre of the old part of Como. We were told to evacuate and there was lots of confusion as we filed out of school.

As we were leaving the building my friend, who wasn’t feeling very well, tripped up and fell on the floor. I hepled him up and by the time we got to where our class was, our teacher was checking the register to make sure we were all there.

While I was talking to my friend outside, my mother arrived to check I was o.k. After about an hour we went back inside and as I was entering the building my dad appeared asking me if I was alright.

In the end, when we got back to class we were all very worried in case it should happen again.


como (Photo credit: Fernando Stankuns)

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